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*Seth Gillman is the UK Project Co-coordinator for the Amatsiko Organisation (Click Here to read Seth's Profile) Seth is the Financial Administrator for all of our online donations. To make a direct donation from your PayPal account you can send it to: or use other payment methods through PayPal by using the button below.

Image by Magdalena Kula Manchee

Why Volunteer With Amatsiko Organization?

Are you looking for ways to make a difference while gaining relevant work experience to add to your resume? Do you want to learn new skills? Do you want to explore potential career areas? You can accomplish all of this, and more, by becoming a volunteer with Amatsiko Organization! Doing volunteer work with Amatsiko can be one of the most rewarding and best investments you can make with your time.

If you want to work on projects that benefit communities and work towards sustainable development then volunteering with Amatsiko is for you.

With Amatsiko you will get the chance to work in the beautiful, stunning and green countryside, South Western Uganda.

The following are some of the Volunteer Activities; 

  • Participate in Community Projects

  • Gardening, Permaculture Home Gardens

  • Design and implementation of permaculture and sustainability based plans

  • Teaching English

  • Involve yourself in creative workshops

  • Assist in the Primary Schools

  • Assist with Swimming Lessons

  • Soccer Academy; games and sports

  • Assist in Outreach Community Workshops

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Go on a Safari...


Perhaps you’ll choose to visit some of Uganda’s attractive places during your stay; Gorilla tracking, National Parks or canoe trekking. Anything you choose to do while here will develop a passion for Uganda that will make you want to come back again and again.

How about learning some physical skills?

We offer gardening projects where you could take part in basic gardening and maintenance. The main objective of the project is to enable the Amatsiko community to become self – reliant and to improve the general living situation of local communities.

We intend to build a ‘Chicken Coop’ and ‘Permaculture Home Gardens in each family in order to reverse the effect of malnutrition by teaching people both the skills to provide themselves with adequate food as well as educating them about the importance of nutrition.

Perhaps most importantly- the biggest thing you’ll get out of volunteering with us is fun!

For more information contact us; 

Donate Today

We guarantee that at least 85% of money donated to the project will be used to directly benefit the children that we support. The remaining 15% will be used for the running costs and overheads of the project. Read More

Amatsiko Preparatory School

The Amatsiko Preparatory School was established in 2013. During the community participatory conference and community mapping, the community opinion leaders, district stakeholders and Amatsiko organization; It was noted that the major causes of deaths, insecurity, thefts and other crime related activities in the area was by mainly the idle children.

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