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About Us

Amatsiko is a registered community based organization (CBO) operating in South- Western Uganda, Kabale District, Kigezi region. The idea for the project was initially conceived in 2005 by Alex Atuheire, the project director, after he saw the detrimental effects that being orphaned or vulnerable had on the future of the community's children.
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Our Current Plans

1. An Orphanage

In the future we would love to build a purpose built orphanage to house the children that we are currently supporting. This would allow us to monitor progress of students more closely, in their personal as well as academic development.
The orphanage would also give us a place from which to run health and hygiene workshops.

2. Poultry Keeping

Ideally, in the future we would like Amatisko to be largely self sufficient and thus not overly reliant on charitable donations. Therefore we believe that income generating projects could be the key to the sustainability of the project. We intend to build a chicken coop housing egg laying chickens. In the short term this will provide eggs for the children that Amatsiko supports, helping give them a better diet and preventing malnutrition and its associated diseases. In the longer term we will be able to sell the surplus eggs for profit that can then be used to fund the project. When the hens cease laying eggs they will be sold and replaced.

The chicken coop will serve a secondary purpose in that we will also be able to teach the children in a ‘hands on way’ about how to care for chickens. 

*Seth Gillman is the UK Project Co-coordinator for the Amatsiko Organisation (Click Here to read Seth's Profile) Seth is the Financial Administrator for all of our online donations. To make a direct donation from your PayPal account you can send it to: or use other payment methods through PayPal by using the button below.

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We guarantee that at least 85% of money donated to the project will be used to directly benefit the children that we support. The remaining 15% will be used for the running costs and overheads of the project. Read More

Amatsiko Preparatory School

The Amatsiko Preparatory School was established in 2013. During the community participatory conference and community mapping, the community opinion leaders, district stakeholders and Amatsiko organization; It was noted that the major causes of deaths, insecurity, thefts and other crime related activities in the area was by mainly the idle children.

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