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Make A Donation

There are many different ways in which you can help us here at Amatsiko Firstly you might want to donate money for one of the following:

Sponsor a kitchen garden
$10 or £6
Donate a beehive
$42 or £24
Build a water tank for a family
$100 or £60
Buy a rabbit for a family
$8 or £5
Sponsor a child’s education a year
$420 or £270
Sponsor a child’s education a month
$35 or £23
Sponsor a child’s education
$35 or £23
Buy a goat for a family
$50 or £32
Feed a child for a month
$30 or £19
Buy a mattress, blanket and pillow for a child
$40 or £26
Buy a mosquito net
$8 or £5

*Seth Gillman is the UK Project Co-coordinator for the Amatsiko Organisation (Click Here to read Seth's Profile) Seth is the Financial Administrator for all of our online donations. To make a direct donation from your PayPal account you can send it to: or use other payment methods through our secure platform of GivingWay. 

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Our Programs

The children we help lack the resources they need; many have very poor living standards with limited access to food and adequate housing. In addition, the director identified a number of other problems that need to be addressed. Read More

Other Ways You Can Donate!

Alternatively, you can pledge an amount of your choice. All donations are gratefully received. You may also want to help us by doing some fundraising. You can organise an event, do a sponsored walk/cycle/bounce or hold a bake sale. You don’t have to fundraise alone, why not include your class at school, local sports club or any other club or organisation that might want to help?

We guarantee that at least 85% of money donated to the project will be used to directly benefit the children that we support. The remaining 15% will be used for the running costs and overheads of 
the project.

You can also choose to sponsor one of our  children.

In addition to donating money, you can send us material goods like clothes, school supplies, games and puzzles. Please note that unfortunately we cannot be liable for shipping/delivery costs if you decide to send us material goods.

By choosing to go on canoe trek, safari or other- travel with African Volunteer Adventures (AVA)

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